Investors in Families

Investors in Families (IIF) is a quality mark that recognises the work that settings and organisations undertake with families to improve outcomes for children.

It was developed ten years ago by Chris Waterman and Anne Hayes, who have both worked in schools and local authorities for many years.

The quality mark has been awarded to hundreds of schools and early years settings in England and Wales. In the education sector, IIF’s major focus is on schools and early years settings, but we are also working with major sports clubs and community associations that can meet the standard for the quality mark.

IIF for the Secure Estate

HMP Parc Prison approached IIF in 2013 seeking information about the quality mark. IIF established a joint project with HMP Parc to develop the quality mark for settings that form part of the secure estate.

The pilot project was completed in July 2015, when HMP Parc was told that it met the standard for the award of IIF. There was a formal presentation in the House of Lords and a further presentation at the Senedd in Cardiff. Based on the pilot at HMP Parc, we have been refining the IIF model for the secure estate and are working with other settings in the secure estate who believe that the award will assist them in their work.  We continue to work with HMP Parc.

Settings in the secure estate in the United Kingdom can now register with IIF and begin the accreditation process.  IIF are currently working with Usk/Prescoed Prison

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